When a stranger, clearly eavesdropping, interrupts your conversation to INSIST that you stop by a particular burger joint when passing through Amarillo (pronounced Am – Uh – Rill- Oh, according to locals), there’s nothing to do but comply with said stranger’s request. Especially when the burger you’re instructed to order is named “The Burger From HELL”.

And guys, had the importance of a visit to Coyote Bluff Cafe not been stressed infinitely, I might have turned around upon arrival. Because this:

I suppose it’s preferable to have the old, dirty toilets on the OUTSIDE of the restaurant, rather than inside. In any case, Coyote Bluff Cafe is a pretty divey feeling place, but in a good way (that’s possible, I promise). All tables in the rather small restaurant were full when we sat down, and a line quickly formed at the front door, with a mix of tourists and locals alike.

We ordered the requisite “Burger from Hell”, along with the Hickory burger (Cory was afraid the demonic burger might be a bit spicy for his palate). And just to start – a massive plate of fries, smothered in cheese and chili. How massive?

That’s a tray, not a plate.

I worked my way through a healthy portion of these, and then it was on to the burgers. I actually didn’t find the Burger from Hell to be too ridiculously spicy. It was delicious, definitely, but I expected a bit more of a kick in the pants from the heat. And we loved Cory’s Hickory Burger!

(You can see the damage I did to the fries above!) All in all, we were pretty happy with the recommendation – and were able to take our leftovers home for a second dinner!

Coyote Bluff Cafe and the Burger From Hell were featured on Man vs. Food a few years back. Check it out:

And now all I want for dinner are chili cheese fries…

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One Response to In Which I Eat a LOT of Fries – Amarillo, TX

  1. Anna says:

    Did you happen to notice any veggie options on the menu? Not that I wouldn’t be satisfied with a plate of cheesy fries!

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