The best parts of our road trip were the hours (and hours and hours and hours) we spent just driving. On back roads, through small towns, through deserts, cornfields, and cattle grazing pastures. That’s where we saw the United States. That’s where we felt the difference of growing up in southern California in large cities. This country is massive, and you just don’t feel that when you take  a two or three hour plane ride to get somewhere. When you drive for seven hours, and still are in Texas… that’s when you actually feel the distance!

I loved just watching the sights around us as we drove through these places. One of my favorites was a little town called Turkey, Texas (fun story – I found out later that PETA petitioned the town to rename themselves Tofurkey). Here’s a few images from our drive near Turkey, Midway, and Quitaque.



We saw a real live, legitimate cowboy wrangling some steer. Hello, Texas.





This drive-in movie theater kicked off several months of Cory longing for a a drive-in experience. We finally satisfied this quest in Ohio!








I miss being out on the road every single day. The trip was tough, at times, but looking at pictures like these remind me of the pure joy of just driving through the country, watching the cows and diners and small towns flash by, stopping now and then for a photo.


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