You know how sometimes, you’re just out to watch the sunset over the fishing lake in Caprock State Park? And you park your motorcycle and start walking, and then all of a sudden there’s a buffalo in front of you?

So you’re like, Hey, Mr./Ms. Buffalo, but then the buffalo begins to walk away from you, and you don’t want him to leave. But s/he turns back to you, and is just all, Hey, I’ve got to get some water, you’ll want to follow, it’ll be awesome.

And then all of a sudden there’s another buffalo trying to hide in the bushes right next to you, and you just want to say, Hey, you’re a huge buffalo, you should try hiding behind a boulder, not a tumbleweed.

That happens all the time, right? Right.

We were so totally caught off guard by these buffalo (as indicated by the motorcycle being on the OTHER side of the massively large creature), but it turns out they just wanted to catch the sunset over the lake, same as us.

With a few stops before, to get their scratch on.

Yup, that strange image above is a full grown buffalo, on its back, rolling around in the dirt.

Post dirt shaggy messiness:

Oh, and in case you didn’t know? No vehicles beyond this point.

Absolutely no vehicles.

Buffalo practice road awareness, checking left and right before crossing.

Enough pictures, I know, but these things are so utterly cool. They’re just absolutely massive, shaggy, and don’t seem to care about anything at all.

More shots in the gallery below – and I have even MORE to post again.


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I can’t believe it is 2013 already!

2012 was a pretty fantastic year, but also incredibly challenging in so many ways. A year ago, Cory and I still lived in Los Angeles, and were just starting to get our crazy roadtrip planned. We put in a solid eight months (!) on the road, exploring the United States and visiting friends and family across the country.

And now we’re settled (almost) in San Francisco, with new jobs and a new – and stationary – home. I am so excited for what 2013 will bring for us. I know that for me, it will be the year I finally achieve a long-standing goal. And finish posting our road trip pictures!

We spent our four-day weekend outside of Lake Tahoe, with a group of friends. Several days of skiing, playing games, and relaxing seemed the perfect way to cap off a crazy year of adventure.

Here’s a few Instagram photos of our weekend:

Skiing Kirkwood – I loved this mountain! 

Does anyone actually look good in a helmet and goggles? 

Happy New Year! I may have grabbed an inordinate amount of party hats and noisemakers at the restaurant. 

My favorite part of my outfit – DISCO nails! Of course, I applied them incorrectly and every single one fell off 

by the end of the night, but I snapped one picture!

Somehow, our walk from the cabin to the restaurant was timed perfectly to catch the fireworks display!

I hope you had a fantastic 2012, and a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

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Well, Christmas just flew right by! The month of December was filled with decorations, cookie making, holiday parties, and, of course, presents.

We had a surprising amount of decorations packed up that we found in our storage unit, and displayed across our tiny SF apartment, it was quite the festive scene. But the one missing piece was a tree. Since we were traveling a bit, a real tree didn’t make sense. I picked up this little guy at a dollar store in Japantown, and think he looks downright dapper all dressed up.

And we were gifted a cute gnome to hang out with Gnomeo. His red & green outfit was perfect for our holiday mantle.

I found this clever little Advent calendar, and it took just a few minutes to put together (and stuff with letters for Cory).  Some of the paper I already had, but to fill out the variety, I searched for vintage wrapping paper on

I love the food that comes along with all of the holiday celebrations. Cory and I have a tradition of celebrating together a few days before we head down to our families, and this year we stayed in and cooked for ourselves.

The best cookies are the silliest – and my sister and I decided to dress up our animals (and gingermen) with bowties and ugly sweaters. My favorite? Meta-Moose down there, sporting the Rudolph sweater.

Hoping all of your holiday celebrations were wonderful and safe!

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While wine tasting in Lubbock, we received several suggestions for our continued travels in Northern Texas. We gladly took up the first suggestion in Amarillo, and made our way to another – Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Known as the “Grand Canyon of Texas”, Palo Duro Canyon is actually the second largest canyon in the United States. Both its size and the coloration of the rock formations lend to the similarities it shares with the Grand Canyon, but we found it to be  much more sprawling than the narrow passage of GC.

We only had one day in the park, so we chose what is likely the most popular trail to explore – the path to Lighthouse Peak. Check out this site for in-depth trail info. The majority of the path is rather flat, winding through the desert flora with a few ups and downs through dried-up creek beds. But once you reach the base of Lighthouse, things get steep. A sharp incline left many other hikers snapping their pictures from the base, but we made it up (and went further!). I took the normal, still challenging route, and Cory billy-goated his way up what had to be an 85-degree incline.

Above you can see Lighthouse Peak to the left, and Capitol Mesa to the right. We continued up to reach the top of Capitol Mesa for a spectacular view of the canyon.

How amazing is that? Not a bad place to stop for lunch.

It was a bit tricky to reach the top of the mesa – involved some jumping/climbing with the possibility of a loooong fall if you went too far right.

I’m not aggressively lunging (definitely wrote “lunching” here, guess I need to eat something!) in this picture, I’m just trying to stand up and not fall backwards! That’s how crazy the slope was in certain areas.

Palo Duro was beautiful, and we really would have loved to spend more time exploring less populated trails, and getting in some mountain biking (they have several trails for bikes). But, we had to head on to another recommended canyon!

As we were packing up Cricket, a parade of turkeys passed right through our camp.

Yup. That’s a lot of turkeys.

These two brought up the rear, and were the heftiest of the bunch.

Oh, and just in case you forgot which state we were in:

Don’t mess with Texas, y’all.

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