Just saw this video and had to share! This airport pianist seamlessly transitions from classical music to YouTube hits – including Never Gonna Give You Up, Bed Intruder, and Double Rainbow.

My favorite? Gangnam Style, around the 1 minute mark. I wonder how many people walking past actually recognized the songs he played?!

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I spent the weekend living this quote to the fullest:

“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” – sid caesar

And now must embrace this for the coming week:

“Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – thomas edison

Anyone else putting in a last surge of work before the year’s end?


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When a stranger, clearly eavesdropping, interrupts your conversation to INSIST that you stop by a particular burger joint when passing through Amarillo (pronounced Am – Uh – Rill- Oh, according to locals), there’s nothing to do but comply with said stranger’s request. Especially when the burger you’re instructed to order is named “The Burger From HELL”.

And guys, had the importance of a visit to Coyote Bluff Cafe not been stressed infinitely, I might have turned around upon arrival. Because this:

I suppose it’s preferable to have the old, dirty toilets on the OUTSIDE of the restaurant, rather than inside. In any case, Coyote Bluff Cafe is a pretty divey feeling place, but in a good way (that’s possible, I promise). All tables in the rather small restaurant were full when we sat down, and a line quickly formed at the front door, with a mix of tourists and locals alike.

We ordered the requisite “Burger from Hell”, along with the Hickory burger (Cory was afraid the demonic burger might be a bit spicy for his palate). And just to start – a massive plate of fries, smothered in cheese and chili. How massive?

That’s a tray, not a plate.

I worked my way through a healthy portion of these, and then it was on to the burgers. I actually didn’t find the Burger from Hell to be too ridiculously spicy. It was delicious, definitely, but I expected a bit more of a kick in the pants from the heat. And we loved Cory’s Hickory Burger!

(You can see the damage I did to the fries above!) All in all, we were pretty happy with the recommendation – and were able to take our leftovers home for a second dinner!

Coyote Bluff Cafe and the Burger From Hell were featured on Man vs. Food a few years back. Check it out:

And now all I want for dinner are chili cheese fries…

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New profession I’ve picked up: Graffiti Artist. The pay isn’t great, and the legal ramifications are higher than your average occupation, but a girl’s gotta express herself.

All right, all right, I’m not actually tagging the streets of San Francisco. I’m just leaving my mark on a Cadillac in a West Texas cow pasture.

Still confused? Let me back up for a moment, both with the camera and the story. In the middle of a field on the outskirts of Amarillo, Texas, 10 Cadillacs line up at an odd angle (allegedly the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza). It’s not the result of a Texas tornado, but rather a 1974 art installation known as Cadillac Ranch.

Though the installation is in the middle of a private cow pasture (and previously in a wheat field 2 miles west before a relocation in 1997), visitors are encouraged to not only cross the muddy field, but to contribute to the art piece themselves. Cans of spray paint are piled in front (I imagine they’re regularly carted away), and layers upon layers of paint splatter the striped down classic cars.

It’s a popular spot, with visitors from around the globe arriving to paint pictures, immortalize a memory (if only for a day or two – with limited surface space and high traffic, the paint is always evolving), or simply write their name. Some come prepared with their own cans of paint, others poke through the slush pile to find a half empty can.

I came prepared with the best accessory of all that day – rain boots!

A recent rainstorm left all but one car in several inches of water. So, while the other visitors crowded in the mud, I was able to walk right up to the car of my choice and leave my mark.

Cory didn’t fare so well – I don’t think his Sperrys were meant for mud! And I’ve now realized the amount of pictures I have of Cory with his pants rolled up is embarrassing. For both of us.

So what do I think of Cadillac Ranch? I give it two thumbs up!

Point of the story? Texas is fun. Interactive art installations are fun. And cow-proof gates are not fun in the mud:

Have you ever heard of Cadillac Ranch? Or been to visit? Apparently it is one of the most iconic American roadside attractions!

My addition to the cars? A shameless plug, of course!

More shots in the slideshow below!


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